Conservative Victories in the Culture Wars

A History of Conservative Political and Cultural Victories in the USA 1929-2016

I’ve recently completed work on an exhaustively-detailed history of the culture wars in the United States. Unlike most academic work today, which is “default liberal,” I’ve written from a right-wing view point, focusing on how the Right has succeeded in preserving and defending America’s constitution and culture from the follies and excesses of the Left.

I’ve gone through every decade of America history and annotated in detail the means and methods by which our thought leaders have upheld the good, the beautiful and the true.

But Conservative Victories is more than just a documentary of triumph. It is a roadmap for the future of America that will help us understand the shape of the decades ahead. By seeing where we have been, we’ll know where we are going.

Conservative Victories is coming to Amazon in print this Christmas. However, subscribers to the Tree of Woe can access a free version of the book here. If you have friends or family members who are concerned about the state of the country, feel free to share the draft.