The petrodollar allowed NPCs to breed up but summer and fall are over and winter is about to set in. Nature will collect a deferred payment—from those who do not work for the food they eat.

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Well said!

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Dec 20, 2023·edited Dec 20, 2023Liked by Tree of Woe

Many thanks to the wonderful Mr Macris for publishing my very meagre words on his wonderful stack!

I am especially heartened to see all the Despair from the meagre DOOM P*** that I have chosen to put into writing.

If you gents & ladies are interested, feel free to sub to my stack as well!

I have been semi-active lately but will definitely get back to writing medium & longer form content once more!

Expect some work to be published in the coming days!

Thank you & wishing that everyone keeps themselves and loved ones safe & protected in the coming, inevitable DOOM!

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Dec 21, 2023Liked by Tree of Woe

Having lived thru Katrina, it was stunning to watch the thin veneer of civilization peel back within hours of "lights out".

And the lights are going out.

The supply chain has nothing but weak links, & the financial system is shaky as a blind faggot at a wienie roast.

Four hours after a "glitch" shuts down the EBT cards, every Walmart in America will be in fire.

Our power grid (my area of work) is so bad that I can't tell people the truth, they'll pass out. And these grid problems don't begin to consider the access by foreign state hackers. The only reason they don't fk with it more is it's an act of war. But it's 30mins away from never coming back, every second.

Point being, the US is full of people who can't feed themselves and don't behave well now, in the okay times.

Once the lights flicker out and/or the SNAP don't snap, help's not coming.

The violence and following starvation & die-off will be unfathomable.

I left New Orleans, never to return. Whatever may get me, it want be that bunch.

Don't waste too much time philosophizing about how bad it could get. Prepare for it to be a) sooner & b) worse than you think.

"Scariest environment imaginable. Okay, that's all you have to say, scariest environment imaginable."

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Trump manages to retake the US presidency against all the odds, but implements no substantive reprisals or reforms...and domestic USA continues to trundle along. Zelenskyy is ousted from power and Russia/Israel begin to rebuild Ukraine. Taiwan peacefully reunifies with China. Isreal/Gaza cauldron returns to a slow boil. Eye of the GAE turns to South America and the good people all start displaying little green-yellow-red Guyana pins and flags on their social media profile pics. $SRUUF breaks $100.

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That does sound a like a plausible best-case...

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It's basically a question of a slower and more deferred collapse (a la South Africa) or a quick and dramatic one (as in, Bronze-Age Collapse). At this point, there's far too much unsustainable debt in the financial system for it to be anything other than a ticking time bomb, like 2008 only exponentially worse; and with all the social trust gone and the concepts of patriotism and civic duty long gone, the money is really the only thing holding it all together. Your post about reforming the banking system is the only thing I've seen that sounds like a realistic alternative to the debt-based financial system we have now, but it would practically require a Caesar figure to summon the national will to reform things on such a fundamental level. The best case scenarios now are more like "we become increasingly like South Africa over the next 15 years." I wish things were less woeful, but for the past several years, the optimists have consistently been getting all their predictions wrong while the doom-and-gloom conspiracy theorists have been pretty alarmingly accurate.

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Last time, Nixon simply went on the TV and said "We're temporarily closing the gold window" and everyone just went back to watching their Archie Bunker. Money is fake. What matters is stuff. And the stuff economy is still producing more stuff; food, consumer goods, what have you. Even the poorest people today live in a state of historically-relative opulence. We are learning in real-time that it takes a long-ass-time for systemic misallocation to undermine the stuff economy. Its a long, slow, agonizing decline, and it won't never go pop until those anticipating the crash have all been finally bled out.

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Yes, but the stuff economy isn't on our shores. It's in other people's countries, and we pay for it with our fake money. So the potential for sudden and swift collapse is real, I think!

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The stuff that prevents collapse is onshore--food, energy, water.

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You are correct; however there is a key question you have not asked:

"WHERE onshore is it all? And WHO can access it at present?"

Murica's energy is mostly untapped. And the plebs will not be given access to what is already in use once Balkanization occurs & Military rule becomes the norm everywhere.

Food meanwhile will have capital controls placed on it (via Militarized Police & whatnot) to make sure the Plebs stay IN LINE whilst WW III & Civil War v2.0 are taking place. Ditto for water.

The simple truth of the matter is that once Hostilities commence, Most of the necessities of Life will be Seized & then leveraged to send more of America's son's & daughters to Die:

Be it overseas (i.e. the various WW III fronts) or at home (i.e. against all the "rebel" armies).

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Yes, we can make stuff here, it's just going to be expensive in real money terms.

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Rebuttal without too much optimism? I can do that bigly!

We can take America back, but it will involve hard work and working with people you don't like.

There is no Pendulum. The back and forth swings are tugs in a tug-of-war, and Team D has won a huge glob of erstwhile Republican remoras. Said remoras need to be replaced with something else, and the process is not easy.

I will be submitting a candidate guest post! It will be full of woe for Santa Claus Republicans and head in the sand normies. But there will also be hope for those willing to work hard and smart. It's time to set our trap for the Enemy, sharpen our bastard sword, and get ready to kick some serious ass. And then chop off Thulsa's head when he is depressed and lacking mojo.

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There are no doubt avenues to Salvage the situation *in full* (this is key).

I simply am of the view that they are Improbable at present given the Speed, Scale & Scope of the looming DOOM & Disaster. But that these avenues exist & are possible? Sure!

Regardless, you are most welcome to disagree & present your essay which does so! I look forward to going over your points & responding with my usual DOOM!

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I guess I am an apple fallen from the tree of woe. I agree on the challenge, and disagree on the weapons. This is a spiritual war, won by and among those who believe deeply in self-determination. We stand our ground, hand in hand and arm (not arms) in arm.

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That there is a spiritual component to this war I think is inarguable.

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You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

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I could probably type up a much more depressing addition than rebuttal as an Ænglisch outsider to Æmeriksland. But I ain't got the means to do that, this post I feel only scrapes the surface of what is to come.

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If you have a moment, please feel free to lay out your doom here!

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Right then, here we go.

So to add onto the DOOM and GLOOM of Hanafs' points if one would pair a total lack of competency into the fix first you essentially have a diverse folk of flat out retards cappable only of breaking everything to pieces and then leaving the rubbish piles where they are after it's all carmed down.

This, if taken to it's logical end point, would be the equivalent of a genuine Dark Age, all electronic systems gone, all motorized systems gone, fueling systems gone, basic means of growing food gone, and even the means to 're-learn' this on a mass scale gone.

Another dimension would be attention span, the inability to focus on a single task at hand, say setting a building on fire, becomes strenuous to the point of absurdity that you'd have folk incapable of tearing the whole eddiface of the current system done quickly, so it becomes an massive drag, a traul, if you will.

So although everything would be burning it would be principle take years not days or months for it to play out, much like the BLM riots. If you cast your memory back and recall who dissordly they were, not the intrigue of the Elites pushing and nuging BLM and other folk in a desired direction but the on the ground people actually rioting.

Complete dis-order, no one was at the helm no single direction, just mass scale rioting.

Pair that with WW3 and the incompetence of those in charge, people will get killed not just because there are evil people who mean to commit harm, but also those who don't have a soding clue what they are doing. At all.

This any move, any response is not long term calculated for all eventualies but just for the next year or months, it can spiral out of control without anyone perceiving it to have happened.

If I am also to connect this onto Hanafs' points, il also tie this into Neo-Feudals' view regarding the central bank owners, plus Rolos' or Ruriks' point about the spook state.

Yes it does benifit the Central Bank Owners (CBOs) and Spooks, the destabilisation but as I said to a friend at a footy game many months ago about how you would rig a game, and I quote myself:

'So basically if the English Football League wanted to rig a game, they don't pay the players or coaches and so on, you just pay the reffere to make calls to push the advantage towards one team or the other, you don't tell him to make it blatant either.

Just make a "bad" call to allow the the desired team to have more ball control and by statistical probability that team has a higher chance of scoring, thus the fans are non the wiser, other than saying "that's a bullshit call" and hey presto, your result plus a juicy narrative to top it off.'

Thus there is a degree of separation from the nuging from on high, but pair this with no-one having a fucking clue what will happen 5 years down the line or at bare minimum only a rough sketch of what COULD happen and COULDN'T happen and the scary reality bares it's teeth, no one at the top has any connection to reality, this being what technologie (techne) has brought about, they are so detached that any measure they take can be seen to backfire later in a multitude of was they were not intending to have happen.

Such as Brexit or Trump, irregardless of what we think now, both threw them off balance to the point they had to scramble to reassert their position, and waste time and energy they do not have doing so.

They do not understand what they are pushing for, nor the consequences it will bring about, mass death and a dumming down of the serf class to a point they are not even able to provide bass resources to said elite. No utopia or dystopia, just suffering for its own sake with no hope.

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Well, I wish I disagreed, but I don't.

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Correct. I agree with most of this.

The only point of departure & mild disagreement would be regarding how "nobody has a clue what will happen" :

If only you were correct.

I can tell you right now (with a very high degree of confidence) that a large chunk of humanity are on "Team Demon".

So there are those who are genuinely incompetent & nothing more than useful idiots for the Demons & Djinn... but there ARE those in the so called "Elite" who know EXACTLY what it is they are doing... namely the bidding of their MASTERs.

Even if said bidding means "cutting the world population" down to less than half a billion so that said MASTERs can be summoned into their Physical Forms & they (a la betraying Humanity) can be given/granted "godlike powers".

Call me old fashioned... but I never really bought into the whole "they are simply ALL incompetent" line.

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I am only able to speak to the human side of this, I won't make assumptions on those above the mortals, though I don't disagree with what you have typed here.

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Il have an hour or so free tonight to type up a brief set of points that'll add to Hanafs'.

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I wanted to add even more DOOM but the email limit was reached sadly.

You are free to go to my stack. I have not used it in a while but I intend to write more medium to long length essays in the near future exploring all the wide vistas of DOOM now open.

Stay tuned!

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