Two things came to mind after reading this: the first was the ending of F451, with the guys sitting around reciting and transcribing the old books. The other was the Wil / Ariel Durant quote: "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."

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History Repeats First as Tragedy, and then as Farce. This is more a case of the latter than the former. In particular, the spoliation of "Superman" and comics in general is a way-station.

Cosmopolitan Globalism is just something which will play the role of placeholder so that the "unwashed masses" who are unemployed, young, childless and bombarded with libertine excesses, processed foods, etc stay in line. It's actually quite simple. The Culture Wars and the "victory" of the Lefties in said area is a Necessary first step to prepare for Actual War.

The Next Big War against the Eurasian Powers (Russia + China and their allies) requires the Draft. The Goal is to make sure that the population on the one hand (for the older generation) are de-raccinated enough and for the younger ones (i.e. the folks noted earlier above) are brainwashed enough (to think "we are on the right side") to not make too much fuss.

Spoliation of "Superman" seems tiny and insignificant, but it is a big step toward that goal. When you Conscript People (especially to garrison somewhere as Abysmal and Naked to Bombardment as the West Coast of Taiwan or the Farmlands of Poland), you need them to subconsciously internalize a narrative and schema which justifies said force used on them.

Otherwise, even the most risk averse will take up arms (or at the bare minimum just refuse to fight). And you can't have any that; not when you expect most of your Carriers to be Sunk via Hypersonic Glide Vehicles which are almost impossible to intercept. At that point, you have a two-front war (one international and one civil) and you're as good as Conquered.

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