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The Petrodollar financialized the Murican economy and has now made it vulnerable to a D-Day style Rout and Delenda est, Third Punic War style.

Carthage sacrificed its offspring, used mercenaries en masse, engaged in cannibalism (and all other forms of barbarism), etc, etc. How ironic that the "New Carthage" of our day and age beckons ever closer to the fate suffered (rightfully so) by its predecessor?

As the esteemed Andrei Martyanov notes: The US military has never fought (not even in WW II) under situations where the underlying skeletal C4ISR was *directly* attacked at that depth. As such its military history (compared to Civilization-states like Russia) is paltry at best.

Defeat is inevitable. For many, the rational course of action (assuming high mobility, low social obligations and enough capital) is to escape the US; before the barbarism inevitably starts.

Once the Nuclear threshold is crossed (the nuclear death threshold is about 800 million at the low end to 2 billion at the high end); Basic Human Disgusts (such as Cannibalism, Necrophilia and other more vile things for which words have not even been invented) are Fair play.

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