Based on this thread, I have been able to categorize my readers into several tribes based on their view of the future:

1. Hopespeakers. Things aren't going to get that bad.

2. Doomhopers. Things have to get worse before they can get better.

3. Doomsayers. Things will get worse... before they worsen even more.

4. Doomwakers. Things are already bad. Wake up sheeple, your prosperity is a lie!

I will not mention names. You know which tribe you are in. :-) Carry on with the woe, comrades.

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Seeking historical patterns is a bit like recording the cartwheels as one's car hurtles over a cliff. Yes, I suppose one can deduce meaning from each cartwheel but, at the end of the day, only two things matter:

(1) Why is my car hurtling over a cliff?

(2) What is going to happen when this fascinating flight is interrupted?

So as to America, rise and fall thereof, it is really much more simple. By 1970, with 10% of the world's population, the US was absorbing 80% of the world's resources. Yet 40% of the US population was living in poverty and 12% were suffering permanent severe brain damage due to malnutrition. This system was called The American Dream. This was happening for 3 reasons:

(1) By owning the media and publishers, the 1% elite controlled all thought and speech. This enabled them to create and exploit national belife systems, especially that:

(a) America is a democracy;

(b) God is American;

(c) America embraces equal opportunity;

(d) America only leaves its shores to protect "Freedom & Democracy";

(e) Foreign rebels are jealous of America's freedoms.

(2) By 2022, the US had invaded 60 sovereign nations since WWII and enslaved their residents.

(3) The elite, smouldering in megalomania, and terminal insularity and psychopathy, had decided to destroy everybody else.

The rest of world rebelled and started a new system. By 23 of March 2023 (today), the US and its prime allies, the G7, had a declining 30.7% global share of GDP whilst BRICS enjoyed 31.5%, destined to rise to 33% by years end with the addition of 3 new members.

The US-based mRNA democide, plus blowback against the Ukraine war and and failed sanctions against Russia, has set 40% of nations against the US.

By 2020, the American Empire was clearly dying but, as all monsters do, lashed blindly out in its death throes.

Reactions to recent outrages and wars, plus a century of armed aggression, has inspired a global curse on America. Its demise will accelorate.

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I read about this before in a book.

The Bible.

In the scary parts...

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I had no idea that the interesting times proverb was fake, but then, of course it is. Apparently it originated with a forgotten American politician, who claimed to have heard it from a British diplomat friend.

Things are certainly bleak, and where they aren't bleak they're highly uncertain. I'm inclined to see the chaos we're living through as the birth pangs of whatever comes next ... which will hopefully be even more interesting. The universe is biased towards the creation of novelty, it seems to me. I can't see the 4.5 gigayears of biological development, increasing encephalization, and rising metabolic energy density culminating in a dead waste. Well, I CAN see that happening, but I don't think that's the plan. At least I hope not.

No man knows the future ... and in times like these, that might be the only ray of hope we really have.

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With only a handful of nations able to feed themselves, none in Africa, a steady depletion of energy resources, and significant declines in IQ all over the West, there will be a great drop in population over the next 100 years...It will be a smaller world, but a much better one with neocon crazies no longer having the ability to wreck the place...Wildlife will rebound, and people will get back to spirituality...

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I am confused. Why is foreseeing the doom of the Whig-Atlantean Imperium cause for anything but hope?

What keeps me awake is not the prospect of a return to barbarism (that we should be so blessed!) but that the Empire of Lies shambles through the crisis more or less essentially intact. If we go back to looking at our Spengler, Roman style collapses are quite rare, in fact even Rome's case, only the Western half collapses in the way we think of the word 'collapse'. The Eastern half reforms and zombies on. Egypt, China, and India have each unified and 'collapsed' but not very hard into factions, and then re-unified multiple times over their long histories. Even if Atlantis 'falls' there is little guarantee that her successors won't be themselves Inhuman Whigs ruling us with chains of debt and finance and poison.

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Oh yeah, though you didn't mention it, yet *another* 'looming catastrophe is the so-called, 'Water Shortage Crisis'. As with most of this Tripe of Terror list, it is a manufactured problem.

Back in 2001, I took my Dad out to Norfolk, Virginia, primarily so that we could tour the Iowa-Class Battleship, the U.S.S. Wisconsin (Which is where we are from.) My goal was to take him to visit all of them, but sadly he passed away before I could complete that quest.

Anyway, I learned that the ship could desalinate *100,000* Gallons of seawater PER DAY, to provide water for the steam engines & obviously drinking water for the nearly 3,000 crewmen. This got me thinking- If something like that could be done with late 1930's tech and as a Secondary function, at that, it should be child's play to build 'Water Derricks' at sea that could process Millions of gallons per day.

Which made it clear to me back then, that if the Gubbamint starts wailing about water shortages, they are doing it on purpose.

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Good man, citing infogalactic instead of Wikipedia!! 😁

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IT's a great time to be 79. Not much to lose, great entertainment on the way out.

Younger people now have the chance to prove their mettle. Or not.

It is a tale told by an idiot.... etc.

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I could quibble over some of these items. For example, before the home mortgage deduction and FHA, this country had an awful lot of people renting. Subsidized home ownership was seen as a means of fending off communism. And trust in government has been violently low in the past as well.

But on the whole I agree. And I dare say that this could well be the Big One on the way. We are experiencing a great Falling Away that is unprecedented in Christendom. Over my lifetime the US has gone from being an especially Christian first world nation to being a crusader for sodomy. And this business of banks and other providers cutting off businesses which don't kowtow to transexuals reminds me greatly of the Number of the Beast prophecy.

Humans have the technology to implement many of the dire events of Revelations. Nukes can provide the fire and brimstone. Recombinant DNA can provide the plagues. Robotic drones could be the prophesied "stinging insects." We don't have the tech to divert an asteroid to fulfill the Wormwood prophecy, but it's on the way. There's money in them thar asteroids, and SpaceX has been busy.

There is no Temple yet to desecrate, so we probably have a few decades.

And this could be a false alarm.

I am of the tentative opinion that humans have a bit of a say in the matter of when the dire events befall. See the last chapters of Deuteronomy or the Book of Jonah for precedents.

And so I attempt to fight back against forces that resemble the prophesied AntiChrist.

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"The Fourth Turning is Here" (and update) is to be released on July 18, 2023.

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I refuse to take this seriously. Will go read something more light-hearted, https://poemuseum.org/the-masque-of-the-red-death/

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Brilliant writing. Thank you!

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Feel free to go over Professor Bostrom’s works:


I am reminded in particular about this essay back in the day which helped me graduate from being a virgin doomsayer to becoming a chad doompornographer:


This paper in particular speaks about an oscillating sine wave (with regard to the overall human condition) and the possibility that it may stay stagnant (later writers built on the concept and considered the sine wave oscillating downward). These all are part of the “recurrent collapse” scenario him and his colleagues examined.

Mwuah! *chef’s kiss* Perfection!

Of course, being a Transhumanist; professor Bostrom does tend toward the “hopespeaking” camp… but that will not in anyway impede any aspiring doomsayer or doompornographer from utilizing his essays and writings to Maul the typical naive hopespeaker!

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"Is it too many for our planet to sustain?"

The myth of overpopulation is easily debunked right now:

Take the total planetary population and estimate 1000 sq ft per person

That's roughly a space the size of Texas. It doesn't even account for multilevel structures (so if you include single person housing of 2-3 stories each, you could triple that space for each person, family housing would be double or more of that... Huge houses!)

See https://www.pop.org/episode-1-overpopulation-the-making-of-a-myth/

Not that'd I'd advocate for packing people THAT densely, but as a what if...

How much land for agriculture is left? The rest of the planet... AND Plenty of room for recreation spaces and natural venues, massive energy production zones whether they be nuclear, solar, wind, etc, etc.

The entire planet is still fairly empty of people. Even if you split that Texas sized space into 5-7 pieces and doubled and redoubled the land for each, the planet is not nearly full of people (and clearly has lots of resources). Even if you dislike cities and want more room, consider that thought experiment.

It's all propaganda and control... All the way down.

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Has there been another Empire largely ruled by a foreign tribe that truly hates the heritage population and feels a moral obligation to hurt it and destroy their culture? Sure there have been conquered nations that were oppressed and exploited but we have something else going on here.

Most Americans still view the nation as sovereign. It really isn't.

When I read your list, what jumped out to me was that almost every item that is destroying the country was and is intentional but our greatest taboos are to criticize the tribe ruling us and to acknowledge their power.

Consequently we seem to be in uncharted waters and I can only assume the worst at least for the next century.

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